Community First Nights

Community First Nights is a scheme for groups who do not ordinarily attend the theatre. This scheme has been initiated to give new audiences an opportunity to access the theatre and develop an ongoing relationship with us. We hope to reach groups through the scheme to introduce them to the magical group experience that is a night out at the theatre, therefore breaking down barriers to attendance. Community First Nights are sponsored by Brooks Macdonald.


This programme costs £15 per person, which gives participants access to a tour of either Mayflower Theatre or MAST Mayflower Studios, and a ticket to two different performances at either venue, where you would attend the performances as one group. We currently have a range of performances available for this programme, including ones which would be suitable for either all adults or family groups.


If you know of a group who fit these criteria, applications can be made by contacting us.



Mayflower Creative Writers Mayflower Young Company

Mayflower Creative Writers

Share the writer’s journey with like-minded people in a supportive, creative environment, guided by a professional writer. Offered in association with ArtfulScribe, Mayflower Creative Writers group. This group will work across genres and aim towards publishing in print, online and through performance. Suitable for young adults aged 18-25 years.

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Mayflower Young Company

For young adults aged 19-25 years, this exciting opportunity aims to nurture and empower aspiring actors and theatre makers, developing their voice and creative theatre practice.

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We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.