Not perfect? Join the club! Toddle through the highs, lows and sleep deprivation of motherhood with the Good Enough Mums Club, a poignant and hilarious musical  produced, written, directed and performed by mums. From peeing on sticks to drooping tits we share the love and dispel the myths with enough wipes to mop the tears and clean away the snotty laughter.

When the Council threatens to close their local playgroup, five women thrown together by motherhood, overcome their isolation, loneliness, judgement and perfectionism to discover that they’re stronger as a group than as individuals, and that sometimes, being good enough is best.

This hysterical, heart-breaking and honest new musical written, produced, directed, and performed by mothers is capturing the attention of critics, parents and non-parents alike throughout the country.

Running Time

2 hours including an interval

Age Advice:

All evening performances are strictly 12+

The matinee performance is designed for parents to bring their children under 4 along. Please be aware that this performance will still contain strong language. Please see the accessible performance section for more information.

Under 2s are allowed at the matinee performance only, please contact box office (02380 711 811) to book your free under 2s ticket. For children 2+ you will need to purchase a ticket.


Content warnings: Bad language, sexual references, child loss, postnatal depression, postnatal psychosis, racism and loneliness.

Standard Pricing
Wed 22 November 2023  8.00pm  £22.00 £17.00
Thu 23 November 2023  1.30pm (under 4s matinee) and 8.00pm  £22.00 £17.00
MAST Supporters £3.00 off Band A and B only.
Access Membership Companion seats 75% discount at all performances
Groups 10+ £2.00 off. Please contact our box office team to book (02380 711 811)

Click here for further information on concessions, discounts & groups.

Accessible Performances

Hey parents!

We welcome children under 4 to our special baby & child friendly matinees (our evening performances are strictly 12+). These matinees are a more relaxed and family-friendly experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your child to a child and baby matinee:

There's no need to worry about disturbing others if your child fusses. The lights are slightly brighter than a regular matinee, and we understand that kids will be kids.

You can come and go as you need to. If you (or your child) need a break, you can step outside for some fresh air or take them to the restroom - come back when you’re ready. You’re also more than welcome to feed your child in the space if you need to.

We've got a dedicated space for you to safely park your baby buggy.

We know looking after kids keeps you on your toes. So, when you’re with us, you’re our guest and we’ll do everything we can to make you and your child feel welcome. If you need help with anything, just ask a member of the team.

We hope you and your child enjoy our child and baby matinees!

P.S. If your child is at the stage where they repeat everything they hear, you might want to consider this as the show is quite sweary!