Windrush Caribbean Film festival will explore the complex relationship between the big screen and the Windrush migrants from the Commonwealth through screening films from across the span of the 75 years of Black British Cinema. This captivating filmic experience along with interactive workshops and thought-provoking events, will once again highlight the artistic, political and social contribution of the original pioneers as well as their descendants who are shaping Britain today, forming their own cultural and political narratives and identities to shine bright in their own starry night.

There will be a 15 minute panel discussion after the first three films on the nuances of the first immigrant experience. 


And Still We Rise, 2022
Short (13m)
Country: UK

And Still We Rise is a documentary of rememerbance of some West Indians who arrived on the Windrush to the UK, why they came and what their first experiences were like.
Director: Chris Smith

No Regrets, 2023
Short (14m 33s)
Country: UK

No Regrets expresses the experience of immigrants to the UK during the Windrush era and how they dealt with the challenges and then their triumphs.
Director: Arthur Torrington

When I was Younger, 2021
Short (8m 52s)
Country: UK

When I Was A Younger is a short documentary that features four women who moved to London after WWII. They left parents, siblings and friends behind when they travelled from Grenada, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Manchester in the north of England. Now in their 70s, 80s and 90s, these women are almost invisible to a modern society that can’t envisage them as anything but old. But as the film shows, they once were young, vibrant and full of fun. In fact, these four women still have the same mischievous streak they did when they were younger.
Director: Noella Mingo

Small Island Stories 2, 2023

Featurette (38m 6s)
Country: UK

Small Island Stories 2 is an audio and visual production based around stories of those who came to Derby on the Windrush and those of their descendants, first, second and third generations.
Small Island Stories 2 is predominantly based around the art form of Hip Hop and spoken word with features from a number of local artists to create a body of eclectic work inspired by the Windrush movement and influences from the Caribbean that have become entwined and part of common culture within Great Britain.
Director: James Batchelor, Benjamin Harrap

A Very Brit(ish) Voice, 2020

Featurette (32m)
Country: UK

A Very Brit(ish) Story was commissioned and produced by Serendipity as part of Archiving the Past, Reflecting the Future. Won Best Documentary at The World Cinema 2020.
Director: Jaha Browne

Asunder, 2021
Short (15m)
Country: UK

Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government that is seeking to criminalise her mother. ASUNDER offers an intricate story about family, politics and justice.

Running Time

3 hours 20 mins inc interval

Age Advice:

Strictly 18+

Standard Pricing
Tue 6 June 2023 7.00pm £15.00
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